Language Reference

  1. Literals, Variables and Assignment
  2. Expressions
  3. Functions
  4. If, Match and Conditional Logic
  5. While and Each Loops
  6. Context blocks: this, using
  7. urls and $ambient


  1. structs and tuples
  2. struct Methods
  3. Interfaces
  4. Traits and Inheritance
  5. Tagged structs & reversed coercion
  6. Alignment and bits
Indexed Collections
  1. Ref to 'this' block and to templates
  2. Array, each/iterator, slice, 'this' and Vec
  3. Strings, Text
  4. Dict, each/iterator, 'this'
Sum Types and Enum
  1. sum types
  2. option and result
  3. tags and structs
  4. Sigma types
References, Permissions, and Allocators
  1. References, Pointers, and Safety
  2. Permissions
  3. Borrowed References
  4. Allocator References
  5. Raw Pointers

Functions, Methods, and Anon/Closures

Concurrence: Co-routines, Threads, actors/behaviors

Packages and Modules

Metaprogramming: Macros, templates, CTE, reflection

templates = memoized macros & pi types, higher order types, associated types, with collections and invariant patterns